Wainscoting comes back into fashion

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Wainscoting is returning to our homes, which is of no surprise as it has a dual purpose: it is practical and what’s more, it adds a touch of elegance to the space. 

The chance to decorate your walls with two types of material will undoubtedly give the design of your home a brand new look. 

Wainscoting became a hot trend in the 1980s and it’s unsurprising that, like all trends, this unique way of decorating your walls is once again becoming chic.

We saw it at Casa Decor 2019 in the space masterminded by Erico Navazo, where the wainscot, made on a grand scale as the designer wanted it to match the height of the window, created spectacular movement and warmth. 

At Coordonné we have exquisite materials to create the wainscoting effect:


With Coordonné you have endless possibilities for giving your walls a wainscoting makeover!

Imagine the Big Ben covered in the Lloseta wallcovering design

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