Imagine the Big Ben covered in the Lloseta wallcovering design

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Our creative team have let their imaginations run free, visiting London and further strengthening, if possible, our affectionate ties between the Balearic islands and the United Kingdom.

The English have always been drawn to our marvellous islands, Mallorca in particular, so we have visualised how the famous clock tower of the British Parliament, officially called Elizabeth Tower, would look with our Lloseta design from the Mallorca wall covering collection.

This design shows the famous Mallorcan llengos (the ikat pattern) that are woven by hand into fabric on the island itself, and which Coordonné has chosen to represent in the form of wall covering. For this reinterpretation of the façade we have opted for an English green, as it goes perfectly with the House of Commons.

The verticality of the pattern in the Lloseta design would have certainly captivated the architect of the Big Ben, August Pugin, who was a staunch follower of the Neo Gothic trend, where they tried to create infinite height and small shapes.

Big Ben reaches a height of 96.3 metres, so if what you are looking to do is to add height to your space, don’t wait any longer in selecting this beautiful wall covering. With its parallel lines, it will make your room look as if it goes on forever.

We’re going to continue our journey around Europe! Let your imagination run away with itself!


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