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Coordonné is an editor of wallcoverings, fabrics, decorative paints and homeware from Barcelona since 1978.

Our Company

Coordonné is a family-run company based in Barcelona. The brand, founded in 1978 by Carmen López de Lamadrid, brought the quintessentially English floral wallcovering design and influence to Spain. Now, after the work accomplished by the second generation, with Gabriel Bans López de Lamadrid at the helm, the brand’s evolution is evident, editing not only wallpapers but also elegant fabrics, eco-friendly paints and a range of homeware products.

Coordonné creates collections to bring emotion and life to a space; collections that complement every home’s intangible quality and comfort. Coordonné collections can be found in over 1,000 retailers across Spain, 2,000 retailers across the rest of Europe and in over 50 countries worldwide. The brand is present at major international trade fairs, such as Paris Déco Off, Heimtextil, Intergift and Salone del Mobile.


The company has its own manufacturing line and can produce wallcoverings of the highest quality in different finishes, ensuring a fast, personalised service that adapts to each project’s requirements and timings, while also respecting the environment.

One of the brand’s strengths is its versatility; our ranges include signature collections, classic-contemporary collections, compendium collections of essentials, and Contract design collections. All murals can be adapted to the wall’s exact measurements.


Coordonné also has many textile collections, from the most classic velvets to ranges full of vibrant and youthful colours and timeless designs.

Using 100% natural raw materials is a priority for us. Linen, for example, is one of Coordonné’s preferred materials – in particular our permanent Ybarra Serret collections, which are developed exclusively by artist Coqui Ybarra.

Creating local employment and working with nearby fabric mills is fundamental to our philosophy.


The brand’s eco paints with Mediterranean inspiration feature a library of 100 water-based colours, which coexist in harmony with the wallcoverings and fabrics. They are ideal for walls, ceilings, metal and woodwork.

Coordonné paints carry the Ecolabel Certification, A+ Émissions Dans LÁir Intérieur Certification and they hold BREEAM and LEED certifications.

The paints are designed and manufactured exclusively in Spain. Coordonné paints are of the highest quality and leave the smallest environmental footprint.


A heavenly way to cover your bed with fabrics from the orient. The nobility of linen, the simplicity of cotton and the drape of viscose create an irresistible elegance.

Our homeware line is handmade by local workshops, thus guaranteeing Coordonné’s philosophy of sustainability.

Our Team

The company is lead by a team of young, creative minds which use environmentally friendly techniques to bring a new approach to interior design.  

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