Using wallcovering to decorate the transit areas of your home

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These spaces are used by all the family and are areas which people frequently pass through. 

For this reason, they should be neutral spaces, and as far as aesthetics are concerned, they need to be easy on the eye; areas that all the family are happy with. It may be a corridor, entrance hall, staircase, a studio or office, or perhaps even a dressing room. 

At Coordonné we believe that a great way to give a brand-new look to these spaces is by opting for a wall covering with figurative designs that give your walls personality.  

They are usually spaces which are not very large and with few decorative elements (a coat rack, mirror, an umbrella stand, or a painting) so this is why you can go for prints such as the ones you can see below. 

Here we show you designs related to leisure (boats, lighthouses, maps), people (with an artistic touch of watercolour), or architecture (houses).  


Cordonné Marketing Team


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