Tips for making your unique cushions

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Start the summer with some eye-catching cushions! 

It’s time to kick back and enjoy your terrace, garden or porch, and for that reason, we want to fill you with fun ideas to create your dream chill-out area! 

At Coordonné we don’t believe in cushions being anything basic: square-shaped, with a zip or a cord around the outside. We like to question their shape, size and finish. 

Follow these guidelines and the oasis effect will soon be in your home! 

1- Use two different fabrics on one single cushion: either by covering one side with one fabric and the other side with a different one, or by using a quilting technique. 

2- Ask yourself if you want the removeable cover to have a zip or buttons, so you can remove it for washing. 

3- If you decide to use a zip, remember that there’s no reason for it to be hidden – metal zips in silver or gold are really chic. You can also tie leather or cotton to the end of the zip.  

4- In one single space you can mix square, rectangular and round cushions, using colour instead of shape as the common theme. 

5- Mixing cushions of different colours and fabrics works well. To do this, why not use our fabric hangers for inspiration, where we group harmonious colours together in each collection.  

6- Decide if you would like to use contrasting seams around the edges of the cushion, using overlock, or by adding a fringe or decorative trimming to make each cushion unique. 

7- And lastly, ask yourself what size of cushion you want. For your back we recommend 50 x 50 cm or 30 x 30 cm; for your neck, 20 x 40 cm; and for chairs, 35 cm x 35 cm. Remember that mixing sizes can look amazing with some round cushions added in. 

8- The type of filling is of course important, so look carefully at the type that you prefer, whether foam or feather. The amount of filling you add is also vital as it changes the look and comfort of the cushion.  

Coordonné Marketing Team

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