The value of crafts

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The value of crafts has been given a new lease of life because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have observed how everything local is becoming more and more significant and how the importance of local products is on the rise. In the context of the climate emergency in which we find ourselves, the continued use of resources and the elimination of waste are two principles that the craft industry understands, works towards and demands. 

The only way to compete and survive in a universe where most products compete on price and speed of delivery is to create a narrative around what is created.

The craftsman or craftswoman has to give importance to knowing what sells and where, and how people look for the products they produce. In the same way that the craftsperson has not been taught to do market research, the dilemma arises as to whether to be guided by ideas (which are linked to one’s heart and vision of purpose) or by what one sees. In short, the artisan product aspires to a niche, to differentiate itself and to find ideas which, the more personal they are, the better.

That is why at Coordonné we are committed, not only to proximity, but also to the meticulous selection of our suppliers of raw materials in order to have greater quality control. The who, the how and the where are fundamental.


Coordonné Team


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