Light reflection on metallic wallpapers

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When light hits a surface covered with our new metallic wallcoverings, it creates some truly eye-catching optical effects.

To highlight the textures of the gold and silver in Random Metallics, we have used the following architectural composition where the curves create different planes on the paper, distorting the pattern in very special way.
The light then reacts to these curved shapes and the texture of gold and silver produces a stunning refraction.

The curves, the geometric designs of Random Metallics, and the light, all interact with each other to create a captivating effect.

There really is no creative shape or surface that will not respond beautifully to being wallpapered, as long as the surface is smooth, and the wallcovering is hung with extra care if the shape is out of the ordinary.

Interior design and architecture projects which opt ​​for ergonomic and organic lines are becoming more frequent, providing a wonderful opportunity to adorn them with our wallpaper collections.

We have spent the past academic here at Coordonné supporting the idea that wallpaper should be seen as one more architectural element. Starting in September we will begin to look at colour from a new and exciting perspective!

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