The universal elegance of velvet

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There is nothing more pleasurable than the feel of luxurious velvet.

There is no doubt that manufacturing this fabric is a complex process, but using velvet in your interior projects is more than worth it, as the intensity of colour that velluto offers is second to none. 

The strength of colour is achieved by the tight weave of the fibres, resulting in a range of stunning tones.

The raw materials and finishes of velvet are varied: cotton, wool, silk linen, polyester, viscose, plain finishes, prints, jacquards, elastic velvets, etc.

The constant challenge of velvet is how to keep it looking clean and well cared for, but nowadays there are many ways to make it easier for you. Proof of this can be seen in our Venezia collection (with a Teflon treatment that repels stains, in more than 150 beautiful colours) and our Hilton, Fábula and Agra collections whose polyester composition can be easily washed in cold temperatures.

In Europe, the French, Italians – particularly in Genoa, Florence, Venice – and Belgians have always been experts in the art of velvet making, although its origins go back to the Egyptian pharaohs more than 3,000 years ago.

Using velvet as an upholstery fabric in your home is a great choice. Actually, a piece of furniture upholstered in velvet (a headboard, sofa, armchairs or curtains) or some scatter cushions in velvet will truly enhance the space, creating an elegant and unique look.



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