How to bring life to your terrace or balcony

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With the arrival of spring, we want to rethink what we can do with the fresh, airy and light-filled spaces of our homes: our terraces and balconies.

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory or an open terrace or patio, April is a good time to redecorate this space and enjoy it to the fullest with the arrival of the good weather.

If you have a closed space where the walls aren’t susceptible to weather damage, we suggest hanging a wallcovering with a landscape design, or textures in metallic tones (gold or silver) from Random Metallics or Geo, because the light will create an incredible effect. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more matte finish, you also have the Epic and Serengeti landscape designs from the Maasai collection.

On the windows you can hang our elegant plain linens from the El Mercader collection or the patterned linen fabrics from the Maasai fabrics collection, both in double width. Use our natural wood finish hanging rails, which will go perfectly with rattan or natural wood furniture.

If, on the other hand, your terrace is open to the elements, a great option would be to paint it with our Eggshell eco paint.
The Azafrán, Pimentón and Terracota shades would provide an elegant look that you could complement with terracotta plant pots, giving your outdoor space a truly artisan feel.

Intense greens such as the Oliva or Hierbabuena shades, coupled with plant pots in Majorelle blue or jet black, would generate a very fresh, tribal look.

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