The arquitecture of the ocean

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The ocean depths also have their own particular architecture.

In both fiction films and those based on real events, we have seen ocean beds filled with mystery, with unknown treasures and species.

If we were to elevate the seabed, we would surely see an image like the one we have today: monumental columns, through which almost magical creatures would emerge, slow and meandering. Impressively majestic.

Here we have recreated the scene with our wonderful Deep Ocean design from the new Naturae collection, hand painted by Joana Santamans. The use of the elegant navy blue highlights the figures and corals of the multicolored marine species.

A scenography reminiscent of Jules Verne.

The ocean is a treasure that we must take care of, as it makes up 70% of the earth’s surface and provides us with endless resources, without which we would essentially be a black planet, and not the blue planet we live on today.




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