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Designs for every style 

If the MINAMALIST look is what you go for, we suggest you opt for plain wall coverings with texture, as well as small- or large-scale geometric designs. It’s the best way to achieve a timeless look. (See collections: Mies, Random Arquist, and textured designs from H20).

Ref. Bobby Clark.


If you lean more towards the ROMANTIC look, you should try an oriental inspired landscape, which will transport you to idyllic settings that you will never want to leave. (See collections: Random Chinoiserie, Core, Sakura).

Ref. Edo Pink.


If you’re more into the CLASSIC style, we’re certain that a natural raffia, combined with a striped or tartan wall covering will catch your eye. (See collections: Indiano, Tartán, Piece Unique)

Ref. Tartan Check Camel.


If you’re looking towards a more VITALIST style, plant and floral designs will create a natural energy in your home and give your mind a boost. (See collections: Wander, Maximalism, Mallorca, Random Archist).

Ref. Bodegón.


If you’re more of an UNCONVENTIONAL type, who likes to take risks, you’re going to fall in love with our Random Papers, 40th Anniversary, Ánima and Random Archist collections.

Ref. Olimpia Zagnoli.


Coordonné Team.

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