Summertime curiosities boats can also be decorated with wallpaper

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How wonderful it is to see boats anchored along the Mediterranean coastline, reminding us that life goes on. Doesn’t the sea always transmit a world of pleasurable emotions?

The holidays arrive and with them, curiosities which are typical of the summer season, such as: can wallpaper also be used to decorate a boat? The answer is yes!

The Coordonné team loves the sea and that is why we just couldn’t resist this. We have managed to ensure that our wallpapers, in addition to being fabulous for residential use, also meet the specifications required by maritime standards.

We’re talking about the TWEED and YUTE range from the H20 Textures collection. We have used a non-woven base with a resistant vinyl layer and a complex formwork with a raised texture, giving it a look of natural textile fibres. Looking at the result, the boat’s interiors seem like they have dressed in fabric.

The level of R&D means the wallcoverings have a high grammage, more than 400 g/m², with an incredible resistance to humidity. They are also IMO NAVALE certified.

Wallpaper your boat and give your summer a new ray of sunshine!


The Coordonné Team

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