Summer madness: think positive

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We close the school year feeling positive and ready to go! 

To say a lot has gone on over the last 10 months would be an understatement, but we like to look to the future with a cheerful attitude, feeling excited about decorating homes; covering furniture with our fabrics and walls with our wallpapers.

We thought, “why not?”. Now is the time to show off our frivolous sides! We’re packing our suitcases and jumping into our cars with a collection of rubber rings, parasols, sun cream, sun glasses and summer sandals, and we’re off in search of new adventures and crazy, colour-filled homes which exude the most infectious energy!

We invite you to cool off with this eclectic mix of interiors. Enjoy our designs from Luca Hugo Brucculeri, Elvira Solana, Isabelle Feliu, Zosen, Lydia Delgado, Coco Davez, Catalina Estrada, all those from the 40th Anniversary collection, the Paradise design from the Instant collection and Casa de Vidro from our latest collection, Random Archist, where the monkeys dance to a Brazilian beat and the jungle just bursts with life!


The Coordonné team


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