How to get it right when choosing interior design fabrics

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Carefully selecting your fabrics according to their use is essential.

Choosing a fabric for a sofa or armchair, or “ upholstery” as we say in the interior design industry, is not the same as selecting a fabric for curtains, cushions or a bedspread.

Focusing on these four uses, the Coordonné Team will now help you select the ideal fabric to decorate your home. From now on, take note of the following symbols that we always include on the hangers or sample books.


  • For upholstery: make sure you look at the Martindale or rub test, which is how you will be able to tell the resistance the fabric has to being rubbed. A Martindale of 20,000 or higher is considered a fabric which is perfect for sofas and armchairs. Obviously, the higher the number, the more resistant the fabric will be and the greater its durability. We recommend our Venezia collections for plains and the Formentera collection for prints.


  • For curtains: here it is important to pay attention to the weight of the fabric, which will influence the “presence” of the curtain, or how it hangs, as well as how transparent it is. It will also show the composition and width of the fabric. If the fabric is over 280 cm it is considered a double-width fabric. This makes it very useful for avoiding seams in the curtains and makes their production more economical. For curtain making, the Martindale is not relevant. We recommend our Bennu collection, Limoges for prints and the Ibiza collection for neutrals.


  • For bedding: the composition is essential, since the more natural the thread, the more suitable and pleasing it is to the touch; this is a basic characteristic for bedding. Linen favours perspiration and helps prevent bed mites, but cottons are also a great choice. The finish of the fabric is also important, because if the linens are not suitable for frequent washing, they tend to become scratchy. The same occurs with cottons (lightweight varieties of 80-100 g and rassatos, or very soft cottons, are worth a look). You also have to check the width of the fabric to avoid seams, as with curtains. We recommend the Dense fabric from the Raw collection, and the Poniente fabrics from Ibiza.


  • For cushions or other soft furnishings: you will have no problem selecting your fabric here, as you can simply focus on the aesthetics. The Martindale, composition, width or weight are all irrelevant. Here, your only essential is creativity: sizes, finishes, if it is removable or not… the technical characteristics of the fabric don’t matter.


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