Painting your walls with creative elegance

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Creatively and elegantly painting your walls is a technique widely used in times such as the Renaissance.

The creation of textures in marble, the washed out effect or Venetian stucco can still be seen nowadays in more traditionally elegant spaces.

The palaces around Lake Como (Milan), emblematic residences in Florence and incredible architectural spaces throughout the Europe boast techniques that only experts can achieve with their creative skills.



These artistic skills centre around the avoidance of plain colours and proof of this can be seen on the walls that Leticia Mezzetta  produced for the Espejo Goyanes project at Casa Decor, seen here.


You can also achieve a more radical effect, such as the walls that feature in our collection of fabrics, Cádiz, where different colours have been applied in layers and then peeled off with a spatula so that contrasting tones are visible.

Wallpapers in the kitchen

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