Wallpapers in the kitchen

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The kitchen has become one of the most sought-after rooms in the home for a gathering.
It is a space for meeting friends and family, for coming together to have a great time.

Smells, flavours, music and ultimately sharing is what usually happens around the cooker. With good company, a glass of wine and some beautiful decor, a wholesome experience is guaranteed. There is nothing more deeply human.

In terms of interior design, 40 years ago kitchens were basic rooms, where neither effort nor economic investment was made for them to be aesthetically pleasing. Only the most dedicated chefs and home cooks invested any money in this space.

The culture of cooking has grown exponentially thanks to a host of pioneers in gastronomy, chefs who champion the best of the best, and many of whom have become famous through their own television programmes. Because of this newfound love for beautiful kitchens, there are now plenty of professionals who dedicate themselves at residential and contract levels, to define aesthetics and processes to make everything work perfectly.

If we would like to create a wonderful vibe in our kitchen, perhaps inspired by the spirit of a top chef like Jamie Oliver, we would recommend wallpapers with a floral pattern, or anything which could create a bucolic or country atmosphere. Another option would be to use colourful paints to create a homely vibe from our range of eco paints. A shade of ochre or botanical green, along with the use of mouldings, is a fabulous idea for a culinary space.

We love the cloud design from the Maasai collection, ref: Ngai, and the flower design, ref:Pradera, from the Lur collection. We are certain you’ll fall in love with the Lur collection because it exudes energy in its landscapes.

Among the paints we have chosen the Curry and the Parra shades.

Moodboards of fabrics and paints

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