Our Non-woven wallcoverings are environmentally friendly

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We care about the environment at Coordonné, and below we explain why.

Our non woven wall coverings respect the environment for three reasons: the origin of the base paper that we use, the ink we use to print the designs and the system of production that we use. 


On one hand we have the paper, that complies with the following certifications which, among other things, demonstrate a commitment to environmental care:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) stamp means that the wood or paper that you buy comes from forests which are managed in a responsible way.
  • The Green Guard and Émissions Dans Láir Intérieur stamps certify that the products do not create damaging emissions in interior spaces.

On the other hand, the inks that we use at Coordonné are UV gel inks with the highest UL Greenguard Gold certification.

Finally, the technology used in the production of our wall coverings has a low energy consumption.  

So, when choosing your own wall covering, you can trust that our non woven wall coverings take care of the environment.


Imagine the Tower of Pisa with our Neo-Lineale wallcovering design

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