Imagine the Tower of Pisa with our Neo-Lineale wallcovering design

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The region of Tuscany in Italy will always be a source of inspiration for Coordonné. During our journey around Europe revisiting emblematic monuments, this time we were captivated by the Tower of Pisa.

It is not just the “lean” that makes it so special. It has so many peculiarities which make us fall in love with it.

The citizens Pisa wanted to show the world that they were a rich, cultured people and they decided to bring together their creative efforts to design one single, romantically-styled piazza, called Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracle Square) to construct the bell tower, the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, the San Giovanni Baptistery and the Cemetery. It is a spiritual virtuosity condensed into one square which features an intense green grassy area.

Climbing its 294 steps brings you closer to the sky and allows you to have a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

It took 197 years to construct the tower, which proved to have technical error, in that the cement would not withstand its 8 storeys.

Little by little the tower began to incline, until the engineers had to change their initial plans and construct the final two storeys which didn’t correspond to the others. In other words, they had to compensate its inclination in the opposite direction.

The Tower of Pisa shows that the passing of time and human error can sometimes become a true delight for the eye.

On this occasion our team has chosen an architecturally inspired, romantic-style mural called Neo-lineale, from the Metamorphosis collection.

This collection takes an original, classic wall covering design and reinterprets it, or fine-tunes it, for a 21st Century audience. The result is a marvellous and ingenious piece of art which we hope you will love.

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