Of course you can wallpaper your bathroom!

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For practical reasons, bathrooms have traditionally been decorated with tiles. This is because walls which are exposed to water are always seen as a challenge.

However, the magic of using wallpaper in this intimate space is irresistible! The result is surprising and inviting.

Combining decorative paint, wallpaper and tiles in the same space is so beautiful. Have a look at the following images and we’re sure you won’t waste another second in deciding on a new wallpaper for your bathroom.

At Coordonné we use multiple bases and raw materials for wallpaper. Vinyl (V) with a canvas-type grain texture is the one we recommend for bathrooms, as it is more washable and therefore ideal for this space. Likewise, the Contract quality is the one used in hotel and restaurant bathrooms where there is a lot of wear and tear.

Don’t hesitate in giving your bathroom a brand-new twist, opting for a mural if you have a spacious bathroom, or wallpaper if you have a small bathroom – it will give it a very special touch. The bathroom is the perfect place for you to take risks and choose bold and colourful designs.



Coordonné Team.

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