Imagine the Paris Arc de Triomphe with wall paper

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It was Napoleon Bonaparte who in 1805, during the battle of Austerlitz, said to his men, “you will return home through arches of triumph”. This phrase brought about the construction of this stone monument which is located in the centre of Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe is, and always has been, a sublime element of architecture, chosen by the great figures of history as a perfect symbol to commemorate the most important events.

At Coordonné we also love geometric shapes and in particular, the arch, which inspired us to create the wall covering collection Mallorca, all in a Mediterranean pallet.

Imagine if we could cover the Arc de Triomphe with our “Soller” wall covering design. It would be an incredible way to emphasise the illusion of depth and perspective evoked by this Parisian construction.

Never supress your imagination. Let it fly. #CoordonneMonuments



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