Imagine the Roman Colosseum with the Mythological wallcovering design

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What would the 65,000 Roman spectators think, back then in 72 to 80 AC, if upon entering this robust amphitheatre they saw the travertine blocks of the colosseum’s walls covered with our wall covering from Jayde Fish?

Awesome, sublime, magnificent; a wild reinterpretation of the building’s grandeur, which once again allows our imagination to soar to new heights, through the work of our team of designers who love to dream.

The Flavian dynasty would most surely have covered the walls of this captivating edifice with our mythological design from the 40th Anniversary collection.

Vegetation, lions and giraffes would not fail to inspire the thousands of Romans who came to this iconic place of recreation and entertainment.

Let’s continue our route around Europe… and let your imagination fly!! #CoordonneMonuments

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