The glamour of Gatsby

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The name “Gatsby” conjures up glamourous images of the Charleston, gold, copper and the sophistication of the early twentieth century.

The celebrated novel of 1925, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, really catches our eye in terms of interior design.

This is the Art Deco era, where dark colours contrast with sparkle, to create a very elegant theatrical setting for our Random Metallics collection.

The novel is about the millionaire, Jay Gatsby, and his life of excess. The twenties were a vivacious decade, dominated by jazz, feathers and an unforgettable look.

Obviously, this image that we share with you today, with the ascending staircase, is lacking a couple of dancers who, with fringed costumes, would display their incredible moves to a feverish piece of music.

The image shows a concrete wall made up of sections that we have covered with our Gatsby wallpaper.

The staircase without a handrail, made of exposed stone blocks, provides a stark and compelling vision.

What more do you need? The right wallpaper design and minimal architecture are all that is required to make a space absolutely stunning.

The new wallpaper bases from Coordonné Metallics are a delight to the senses. This is a collection of wallpapers with gold and silver finishes that are a perfect match for the constructions and coverings used in the era of the American dream, such as the Empire State building or the Rockefeller Center in New York City.






Coordonné Team

Of course you can wallpaper your bathroom!

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