A christmas touch for the festive season

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There are thousand ways to personalise your home this Christmas.

You only need to recycle some material and wallpaper you already have and employ a little imagination!

An essential requirement though, is the perfect background music! A little Frank Sinatra goes a long way at Christmas, and make sure you get your little ones involved so that they can take part in the decorating.

Here we share some great tips which are simple to do:

With scraps of fabrics:


Make garlands to go up the staircase

Make bows for your tree or door handles

The Christmas stocking for Santa

With scraps of wallpaper:


Square or round place mats. These are spectacular when you mix patterns, if you have a selection of excess wallpaper.

Cover the base of the Christmas tree and the area around it.

Cut out different shapes with Christmas decorations and hang them with string or wool.

With leftover paint:


Paint jam jars for candles or floral arrangements.

Paint fruit, vegetables and leaves for the table centres, such as laurel branches and holly leaves.

And finally, for the little ones in the family, don’t miss out on asking for a wonderful message from Santa Claus or the Three Kings through this wonderful instagram account full of magic and Christmas spirit @audiosmagicoss. 

Which wallpaper would you choose for your bedroom?

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