Which wallpaper would you choose for your bedroom?

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In general, the bedroom is usually the first choice for hanging wallpaper because it’s the most intimate place in the home and therefore a priority to create a very warm and inviting environment.

Many of our clients tell us that the wall behind the bed is by far their favourite place to put wallpaper.

Here we’ve selected some of our favourite styles to help you narrow down the search for the perfect wallpaper or mural for your bedroom.


Minimalist style

Textured plains or gentle patterns.

Piece Unique

Raffias +

Industrial style

Materials such as metal or wood.

Random Papers

Random Papers II

Romantic style

Landscapes to get lost in as you dream.

Random Chinoiseries


Contemporary style

Geometric or organic textures take centre stage.



Classic style

Floral elements and small figurative drawings.



Fresh style

Bright colours and a variety of shapes.

40th Anniversary


Add a dazzling touch to your bedroom 

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