100% linen, your ally during the warmer months

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Linen works really well throughout the year because it’s undoubtedly one of the most versatile fabrics for interior design – and one of the most elegant. It’s also true that in the summer months, linen comes into its own.

It is a material that encourages breathability and the more you wash it, the more wrinkled it becomes, and the more beautiful it looks. It evolves beautifully over time and the more it is used.

Here at Coordonné we have enthusiastically promoted this material in recent years, because there is no curtain, cushion, bedspread – even sofa or armchair – that can resist the charms of quality linen which doesn’t have that scratchy finish.

We usually see two types of linen according to weight:

  • 140 cm wide linens with a high grammage of approx 350-410 g/m2, which are perfect for making a loose “ghost” type upholstery cover and/or curtains, bedspreads or cushions.
  • 280-310 cm wide linens with a much lighter grammage or thickness of approx 150 g/m2, which are ideal for bedding (bedspreads, quilts) and you can avoid seams thanks to this width of the fabric.

When you observe how linen is woven on looms where the human hand is still an essential tool and everything is not automated, you realise the infinite value of handicrafts and artisan art forms.

What’s more, if you also choose printed linens in citrus colours or a luminous indigo blue, this fabric can and will give a whole new vibe to your home this summer.

We suggest the Ojo de Perdíz, Camisera and Diagonal references from the Ybarra & Serret by Coordonné collection, as well as the El Mercader collection with washed out colours. Maybe you’ll even consider covering your table with an elegant drape when guests come, or perhaps adding a casual, cheerful touch to your bed and sofa which will remind you of the Mediterranean and locally created artisan products.

At Coordonné it’s what we call Km0 interior design. 

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