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Non Woven wallcoverings

Our Non Woven wallcoverings respect the environment. They are not only recyclable, but comply with the following certifications, which, among other things, demonstrate a commitment to environmental care:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp means that the wood or paper you buy comes from forests managed responsibly.
  • The Green Guard and missions Dans L’áir Intérieur stamps certify that the products do not create damaging emissions in interior spaces.

Also, the ink we use at Coordonné is UV gel ink with the highest UL Greenguard Gold certification; and the technology used in the production of our wall coverings has low energy consumption.

Eco paints

Now it is possible to coordinate your wallcoverings with Coordonné eco-friendly paints. Etymologically speaking, Coordonné grew from a desire to “coordinate” everything in the same space to achieve a perfect harmony of style. Each wallcovering collection includes a recommended paint palette for the client to achieve a complete Coordonné look.

Coordonné paints feature two unique bases. For interior walls and ceilings, they offer Matt-Interiors for its superb matt finish; Eggshell, a more satin finish for wood and metal furniture, interior and exterior doors and windows.

Quality and environmental awareness has been the fundamental driver of this paint project, which has obtained certifications that help guarantee the sustainability of a project. These include the international LEED and BREEAM certifications and other European guarantees that ensure that the product’s life cycle leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint, such as the Ecolabel Certification. They are manufactured and designed exclusively in Spain.


Using 100% natural raw materials is a priority for us. Linen, for example, is one of Coordonné’s preferred materials – in particular our permanent Ybarra Serret collections, which are developed exclusively by artist Coqui Ybarra. 

Creating local employment and working with nearby fabric mills is fundamental to our Km 0 philosophy.


The fabrics and readymade items are made in local studios with the utmost love and care, paying particular attention to quality and sustainability.

Reducing transport distance is vital and that is why we are proud to declare that we are Km 0.

The packaging of our Homewears range is made from recycled cotton.

Km 0. The importance of sustainability | Coordonné

Coordonné is committed to sustainability and has its own manufacturing line to produce our Non Woven wallcoverings. Our products respect the environment; we work with water-based ink, materials that don’t damage our forests and low energy consumption.

Likewise, the natural fabric mills and manufacturers of our homeware range are local, guaranteeing local employment and the proximity of our interior design products.

The paint has also been developed from an eco point of view. The range holds the Ecolabel, BREEAM and LEED certifications, guaranteeing the highest quality and the smallest environmental footprint.

Respect for the environment, quality control in situ, and the creation of local employment are the three main pillars of this interior design brand that was founded in 1978 in Barcelona.

Coordonné: “Add beauty to everyday life while leaving the smallest environmental footprint.”

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