Your home office with a map of the world

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Don’t think twice about putting a map on the wall of your home office!

We firmly believe that maps always work in home office or study environments, because as well as being elegant, they are also functional!

Who hasn’t dreamed of placing pins on all your favourite cities or countries, or those which are still waiting to be explored?

Who hasn’t spent hours poring over capital cities, or rivers and mountain ranges on a giant map, which provides a much more powerful perspective?

Showing off your geographical knowledge is so much fun, even if it’s only to keep your memory in working order!

Maps are very decorative, and here at Coordonné we definitely have a soft spot for them.

You can find many different styles and varieties of map murals among our collections:

Historical collector’s maps with an antique feel that replicate ancient scrolls or encyclopaedia engravings, our favourite mural and our bestselling reference is Historical Map from Random Papers


Conceptual and colourful maps for a young audience, like the ones we offer in our Random Kids collection, don’t miss the  Animal Map.


Decorative textured maps, where there is no content but an attractive silhouette that gives depth to the wall, Dots Maps from Random Papers II.

We also offer political maps with a more practical component such as the Mundi from the Instant collection.

Start this new season by giving your office an intellectual air thanks our map murals and use our Wallpapers filter under the Styles/Maps heading to get inspired! We also encourage you to play around with our mural customisation web tool so you can tailor your favourite look just for your walls. 

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