White wallcoverings also make an impact

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White wall coverings can also create huge impact on your walls!

If you think this sounds like nonsense, just take a look at these photos from our collections!

Here at Coordonné we are clearly crazy about polychrome wall coverings and murals, but the pure white look, with some added graphical elements, can be even more impressive than the colourful option, if what you are looking to do is illuminate a space with very little natural light.

White is an exceptionally elegant tone that evokes purity and brings a state of unadulterated, minimalist zen.

Here are our ideas for white wall coverings references, so you can judge for yourself how this slightly leftfield choice can create a showstopping look on your walls.

Ref. Shape Study. Bobby Clark. 40th Anniversary Collection.

Ref. Algae. Ciszak Dalmas. 40th Anniversary Collection.

Ref. Make Down. Ernesto Artillo. 40th Anniversary Collection.

Ref. Soller. Mallorca Collection.

Ref. Romeo y Juliette. Random Papers II Collection.

Ref. Apotheka. Random Papers II Collection.

Coordonné Team

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