Trapped by nature, surrounded by fôret

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It is one thing to decorate using an abundance of plants, and quite another to completely cover your walls with vegetation, creating the sensation of having an infinite vertical garden

That’s what we intend to do today. Become overwhelmed, surrounded, and even trapped by vegetation… specifically our Fôret design from the Maximalism collection.

It’s a deliberate act of renouncing minimalism.

A desperate call to Mother Nature who rushes to our aid, shrouding our partition walls and windows with oak and ash leaves, and makes us believe she’s staying for life.

Again, it’s about demonstrating that the wallpaper is the container, and not the contained. Here the architectural material would be dense garlands of noble trees, so thick that there is no room for even a single ray of light to pass through.

A marvel of material that is also 100% organic.



Coordonné Team

The before and after of a wallpapered room

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