The Venezia velvet collection: the antidote to stains

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Velvet has always been a glamorous, timeless fabric.

Noone can deny that at one point in their lives, they have decided to decorate an element of their home with this material, which is so attractive and soft. 

What’s more, it is a fabric that is easily brought to life with daring colours; it always works and will never disappoint.

What is certain is that as well as the wonders of velutto, there is also the problem of staining associated with it. Unfortunately, velvet has never been a hard-wearing fabric. 

Who hasn’t tried to rub the surface of velvet delicately with a cloth to remove a stain?

Well, here at Coordonné we have developed the antidote to stains, and it’s called the Venezia collection.

It is a collection of 154 references, in an incredible range of colour ways, treated with teflon to repel stains. Not only that, it has a extremely high martindale, or rub test (50,000), meaning that it’s the perfect fabric for upholstery.

The effect that the teflon treatment has is this: stains will fall onto the fabric, but then slide off, without sticking to the fabric.

We invite you to try your hand at upholstery this autumn-winter season with our Venezia range, because we know you won’t be disappointed!


Click the image below to see how Venezia fabrics repel stains:

Imagine the Guggenheim in Bilbao covered in the Levels wallcovering design

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