The elegance of pink

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Whether it’s bubble gum pink, pale pink, peachy pink or antique pink… what is certain is that if you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face, pink works. Who can resist its hypnotic charms?

Without doubt, pink is a very elegant colour, and we must avoid falling into the stereotype that it is exclusively for women or little girls.There are many male interior designers, Amaro Sanchez Moya among them, who opt for this universal colour (ref. Paravent Des Amandiers Pompadour Pink 8000005).



Picasso himself went through a pink stage, from 1904-1907, where he painted incredible works such as Garçon à la Pipe (1905) in shades of antique pink. Let’s test out these theories with our gallery of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, with walls in shades of pink.

These are our favourite pink colours from the Coordonné Paints pallet:

Ref. Merengue
Ref. Cuarzo
Ref. Peonía

Ref. Bailarina
Ref. Cava


There are quite a few options for pink wall coverings and murals too:


Ref. Wetlands Sunrise Flight 8000059 by Laura Torroba. 40 Anniversary collection.


Ref. Goldfinch Song Blush 9500032 by Joana Santamans. Naturae collection.


Ref. Alaró Pink 8400120. Mallorca collection.


And lastly, from our new Homewear range, we have also included bedspreads in pale pink.


Ref. Chinoiserie Tapestry Edo Pink.


It’s time to go positively pink with Coordonné!

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