The chamber of treasures

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If you want to achieve a glamorous look, gold has, and always will be, the most precious and sought-after metal par excellence.

In the Rococo era – the source of inspiration for our latest Maximalism collection – there was no doubt about it; over-the-top exuberance to the max! Everything was decorated in the most refined way possible. And if you don’t believe us, try telling that to the people who wandered joyfully through the corridors of Versailles!

Gold tops the hierarchy of precious metals, ahead of silver, although copper also appears far up on our list here at Coordonné!

The Egyptians considered the pharaoh the son of the sun and included an abundance of gold in their funerary offerings. It was thought to hold power over the deceased in its rebirth as Osiris.

Likewise, the Chinese emperors also used yellow tones in architectural ornamentation to mean power, opulence and fulfilment.

In photography, the “golden hour” is that magical moment, those few minutes of glory at the end of the afternoon where the light is warm and highlights every shape. For this reason, we have chosen this unique and elegant space with clean shapes and large industrial windows to integrate our valuable and elegant porcelain pieces as part of the architecture. Featuring golden touches and the Essentia Pollock design embedded with gold.

It is the greatest reward. An apparently empty space filled with symbolism.


Coordonné Team


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