Stripes and Checks

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There are certain classic combinations in both fabrics and wallpapers that never fail to add an attractive element to the room.

We are, of course, referring to stripes and checks, which might have the potential to overwhelm the space, but executed in the right way – with good taste and the right proportions – they can create a supremely stylish look.

The selection of fabrics where these two geometric designs live in harmony are a constant in the history of decoration. A perfect example of this is the Piccadilly collection where the “tablecloth” checks in 100% cotton (ref. Vichy), or in Viscose and Linen (ref. Multichess), fit incredibly well into the room, combined with the parasol stripes of the Stripes reference.

Likewise, if we look at vertical decorative coverings – wallpaper, in other words – the option of using stripes of different sizes in the same room, or even combining a check and a stripe, is a very attractive approach to creating a sense of movement with a hint of updated Baroque.

The Feria collection of wallpapers includes a ticking stripe (ref. Antonio) and another thinner stripe (ref. Fermín) that are perfect for generating this attractive visual mix, which is a current favourite of our team of stylists

Be bold and try an “all together” style for your interiors, and why not take a look at our Feria, Tartán and Piccadilly collections, combing the fabrics and wallpapers with our wide colour pallet of Coordonné eco paints.

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