Star trek look

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When architectural shapes come together with the materials used to cover the walls, the effect is magnified.

The space we are looking at today looks like something straight out of Star Trek.

It could be a window to the control centre of the spaceship, or even the area where the spaceships enter and exit space.

The geometric and angular lines of the ultra-modern habitat, together with our Aurora Borealis design from the Wander Collection, produce a sumptuous combination.

Aurora Borealis is a design that combines large-scale Carrara marble as the background, with a copper mesh overlay, creating the visual effect of the northern lights seen over the skies of Canada.

The clinical nature of the marble and the emptiness which exists in the image create a very elegant look, like something from science fiction.

It’s an ideal wallpaper for creating textures for those who seek minimalism and depth.



Coordonné Team

Details matter more than ever

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