Red ignites passions

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Crimson and scarlet ignite our passions here at Coordonné! The reason being is that they generate a warmth and atmosphere that is hard to achieve with any other colour palette.
It is true that using red with abandon is a risky strategy, but what we really think it’s about, is creating a scene that will touch a chord with people.
Red stimulates the senses and brings about a unique energy. For us, red is not only the primary colour of all life, but when we turn to an elegant tone of burgundy for example, it can create a truly dynamic and light-filled universe.
In paints, we are drawn towards the colours of Clavel, Guina, Rioja, Pimentón, Terracotta and Saffron.
In fabrics, it is clearly the Mid Century and Picadilly collections that catch our eye, in their range of intense reds and old-fashioned styles of weaving.
Then in wallpapers we have Lloseta Wine (Mallorca collection); Coco Dávez (40th Anniversary collection); Illuminati (Anima collection) and many other wall covering and mural references that exude the passion of this colour.



Coordonné Team.

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