Making your own curtains

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There are numerous ways to make curtains, so get ready because we would like to share some images and ideas to help you decide which type of fabric you prefer for your brand-new pair of curtains.

Fashion goes in cycles, so what you may have considered to be tacky or over the top once upon a time, might just be what catches your eye this time around. We can even reveal right now that frills and French pleats are back!

Below you have a short questionnaire to help you think about what you’re looking for in your next pair of curtains.

    • Would you like your curtains to have a formal look, with a heavy drop, or do you prefer the laid-back look of curtains which graze along the floor? 
    • Is it more important for you to be able to take your curtains down and hang them back up with ease, or do you prefer to have a mechanism which looks more elegant, but is maybe not as practical? Metallic eyelets or rings versus a nylon strip down the back, for example.
    • Regarding the overall style of your curtains, take a look at this selection of photos where you will see: 


Vintage or romantic styles with a frill along the top (either subtle or full-blown!)


Sophisticated pleats (double or triple) which feature on French pleated curtains



The home-made style of a honeycomb design, as if they had been made by your grandmother



The elegance of a perfect wave



The standard straight stripe with an asymmetrical wave



The practical eyelets or buttonholes



The once-fashionable frilled look



The Coordonné team

Imagine the Lisbon Oceanarium extension with our Bekko wall covering

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