Imagine the Lisbon Oceanarium extension with our Bekko wall covering

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We couldn’t resist imagining this monumental ceramic block covered with our Bekko design from the Sakura collection.

Pedro Campo Costa is an architect whose work fascinates us. He searches for an organic connection between the planet and its textures.

With the extension of Meter Chermayeff’s Lisbon Oceanarium, Campos has sought to respect the harmony of the main building and offers the visitor a sense of expectation integrated into the nearby landscape.

Campos’ architectural offerings are living, changing constructions which transport you to magical worlds thanks to his use of light, using it to penetrate the spaces between the ceramic tiles. It is almost the same effect as the Andalusian trellis where air passes through and creates a natural form of ventilation. You can see out, without being seen.

The scales on the outside wall (ceramic pieces by Toni Cumella) and the theme of this construction connect entirely with our Koi carp fish, as we wish health and good fortune for this emblematic building in Lisbon.


Enjoy our tour of Europe and keep on dreaming, as we cover the most captivating buildings of the old continent with Coordonné wall coverings. #CoordonneMonuments

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