Green walls lift our mood

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Did you know that the colour of our walls can affect our mood?

That’s why at COORDONNÉ, during this Easter week of complete isolation, we urge you to take the plunge and change the colour of your walls for this positive colour; in particular, green wall coverings with a plant inspired design.

Our only option is to give in to the current situation of staying at home, so the best thing we can do is to ensure that our surroundings give off a positive vibe.

Here is some scientific analysis to help convince you of the effects that the colours of objects around us have on our mood.

It has been proven that many of our daily decisions are based on the colour that something has… what to wear, which makeup to put on and what to eat, for example. It affects our ability to make decisions.

Colour is literally a form of energy; each colour that we see is in actual fact an electromagnetic wave of a certain length. Colours give off energetic vibrations which affect our emotions and can either lift or lower our energy, or personal Chi.

Green is traditionally linked to nature and therefore a colour which has curative and relaxing properties. It plays a very important role in restoring mental balance and it evokes an enormous feeling of peace.

As you know, in Feng Shui colours have a meaning which goes beyond interior design. You should choose the colour according to the activity which will be done in that particular space; green being one which symbolises health, growth and vitality.

And what better way to generate some positive waves in your home than covering your walls with green wall coverings which replicate a vertical garden!


Coordonné Team

Imagine it covered with flowers

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