Did you know that linen is a source of health?

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Before explaining the health benefits of linen, Coordonné would like to give you a short historical context of this fabric.

Linen is a noble and ancient material that dates back to AD 8000. It has been used since the time of the pharaohs.
It was imported into Europe by the Phoenicians and cultivated under the Roman Empire, right up to the present day.

Nowadays, the European Union represents 70% of the world’s production and it is a benchmark in terms of quality, thanks to the favourable climatic conditions in this area, which guarantee the optimal height of the plant, of between 80 – 100 cm. This is the ideal height for it to achieve optimal conditions for washing and general durability.

European linen is not only a pleasant material in summer, due to its freshness and breathability, but it is also an insulator in winter and a great body temperature regulator throughout the year.

Linen is favourable in promoting sleep, as studies show that with thread linen sheets you achieve a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

In addition to this, linen is anti-allergenic and antibacterial, so Coordonné recommends it for bedding, soft-furnishings and curtains.

With all these benefits, Coordonné has been unable to resist launching our new collection of IBIZA fabrics, where you will find a Mediterranean colour pallet of 100% organic European linen which is incredibly beautiful.

This collection is 100% organic because there have been no fertilisers or pesticides used in its production, nor have irrigation systems been used (as they are with the best wines). Furthermore, we have given the fabric a washed-out, crinkled look so you are able to wash it without the need to iron it.

The transformation of the plant into fibre is done using a natural and simple method: it is picked, retted (the linen is left to rest in the countryside, in contact with the damp earth), then collected and de-seeded (to mechanically separate the fibre from the straw).

Click on this link to find out more about the method and production of our fabrics.

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