Coordonné is formed of a team of professionals with experience in Contract, for designing made-to-measure projects which require specific technical characteristics. We are also able to personalise any Contract project with made-to-measure wallcoverings, fabrics and paints. 

Coordonné has wallcovering, fabric and paint catalogues specifically designed for leisure and hospitality spaces, which have a special degree of exposure and wear. Coordonné’s greatest strengths are its ability to adapt to the needs of each project, and the variety of products on offer which allow the customer to achieve a coordinated and impeccable complete look. 

Coordonné Contract Services are characterised by:

  • Personalised service
  • Rigorous certifications
  • Customisable products
  • Versatility of materials
  • Sampling service
  • Continuous guidance
  • Own production, 0 Km
  • Efficiency and professionalism

If you would like consultancy on a specific project, you can book an appointment, either in showroom or virtually, please contact


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